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buy Norwegian driver’s license

buy Norwegian driver’s license

Buy drivers license in Norway

Apply for a Norwegian driver's license online latest version 2022

Apply for a real Norwegian driver’s license. Do you need a real Norwegian driver’s license and you don’t have time to go to a driving school or you are too busy at work or you face difficulties to pass the theological and practical test in a driving school? We are here to solve all you problems as far as driving license is concern.

Why we are the best and confidential 

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We are a team of highly specialize professional who have been dealing with the production of driver’s licenses for more than 15 years. We have high experience and highly connected. We have high links in more than 8 cities in Norway and we have insiders in the driving license offices in all these cities who facilitates the registration of our driving licenses. We also do home delivery. This means that our delivery process is so confidential and reliable as we do delivery directly to your home address. We also have high links with top official working directly in the Norway database who have direct access in the Norwegian database and they are the ones responsible for registration, changing your foreign driver’s license to a Norwegian driver’s license etc. 

What is the difference between a real/registered and a fake/unregistered Norwegian driver's licence. 

A real/registered driver’s licence is registered in the database. This means that when you are caught by the police they will be able to access your data in the Norwegian database. A real Norwegian driver’s licence is perfect because you can by-pass very highly secured security check points without any problems. For a fake/unregistered Norwegian driver’s license, it has all the features like the real Norwegian driver’s license. The only difference is that you can not see your personal information in the Norwegian database. With fake Norwegian driving license you can use it but not in areas where security is tense. You can also use a fake Norwegian driver’s license to apply for a job without any problems. 

Renew your valid Norwegian driver's license

We can also help you to renew your Norwegian driver’s license. Do you have an expired Norwegian driver’s license? The solution is in this site. We can help you get a Norwegian driver’s license in 3 working days without any driving exams. click on the contact us menu and get in touch with us. 

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