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Buy fully featured biometric French national passports

Buy fully featured biometric French national passports

buy fully featured French Passport

You can buy French biometric passport to travel and have access to the vast number of visa free and visa on arrival countries, giving you access to many countries easily. The French passport has 122 visa free countries and 43 Visa on arrival countries.

Since France is part of the EU you can Visit and live in all EU, EEA member countries and Switzerland without any need for a residence permit or Visa.

We produce 2 types of French passports, the genuine and the fake French Passport.

Buy Genuine French Passport

Your genuine French passport is produced with the best quality material and technologies to meet all security features present on all French biometric passports with your biometric information stored on a microchip for verification purposes.

Your Biometric passport will contain a microchip that carries the relevant biometric data about you such as your face for facial recognition, fingertips for fingerprint recognition. Basically your Passport will pass all the test for authenticity performed on biometric passports. This makes the genuine passport more expensive than the fake one.

When you buy a genuine French passport all we need from you are the information and biometric data required to produce your passport.

Your passport will be produced and delivered to you in just 3 to 5 working days.

Buy Fake French Passport

The fake passport is produced with the same materials and technology as the genuine passport, with all the physical security features present, however the Fake French passport does not have your biometric data stored on a microchip, this means that your passport cannot be detected as fake when only the physical quality is checked, however it will not pass when the biometric data is scanned using a machine code readable machine.

We do not advice you buy the fake passport if you are going to use it in areas where they can get scanned so if you choose to buy the fake passport which is more cheaper than the genuine passport you should always avoid such areas.

Why people buy the French Passport

The are so many reasons people may choose to buy the French biometric passport from us, regardless of your reasons we are always here to offer you our services.

here are some reasons people buy French passports:

  • Get a second passport to visit specific countries they don’t want to appear on their passports.
  • Travel like a French citizen
  • Travel and stay within the EU with no restrictions.
  • have access to all the 122 visa free and 43 visa on arrival countries that the French Passport offers to it’s holder.
  • use it as an identification document.

Dual nationality and second passports

One of the benefits of French citizenship is that it allows dual nationality. That means you can be a French national (with a passport) without renouncing your existing citizenship.

The exception to this rule is when your home country doesn’t allow dual nationality (e.g., the Netherlands). In that case, you will have to choose between keeping your nationality or giving it up to become French

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