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Buy a Fully featured French Resident Card to stay in France

Buy a Fully featured French Resident Card to stay in France

Buy French resident Card

Do you want to settle in France, get stable employment or start a business, but finding it difficult to get a French residence Card? then you can buy a fully featured French resident Card from Us with all security features present just as in every French resident Card.

So many people who want a French resident permit are unable to get one as they do not meet all the necessary requirements to get a resident card in France, with us you have nothing to worry a we will skip all the application process, produce your permit to meet all requirements and then through the French resident issuing Authorities available to us we will then register you resident card.

You do not need to meet all the Conditions with us before you buy a French resident permit from us.

Conditions to get a Resident Card in France

The resident card may be issued under certain conditions upon being admitted to stay in France for the first time.

NOTE: Keep in mind that when buying your resident Card from us you do not need to meet these requirements or conditions.

  1. To refugees or stateless persons and their family members
  2. To the dependent ascendants of a French national or his/her spouse.
  3. To non European citizens who may acquire French nationality as a result of having been born in France.
  4. To non European citizens with a workplace accident or occupational illness pension and their families
  5. To the spouses of French nationals who have been married for at least 3 years, or 1 year if they are of Tunisian nationality
  6. To children who are non European citizens under the age of 21 or who are dependent on a French national
  7. To non European citizens who have entered France on the basis of family reunification with a foreign national who has a resident card in France
  8. To non European veterans and legionnaires
  9. To a non European citizen, who has a residence permit bearing the wording “retired” which provides evidence of their wish to settle in France and to reside there primarily

The issuance of a first resident card is conditional on republican integration into French society: the knowledge of the French language and the principles that govern the French Republic

You will find all the conditions relating to obtaining a resident card for any of these reasons on the Service-public website

Requirements to Apply for the Resident Card in France

If you choose to apply for a resident permit the you will need the following documents.

Find the list of documents you need for your residence permit application.

How long is a French resident permit valid?

The French resident permit is Valid for 10 years after which you will need to renew you permit.

Cost of a French Resident Card

If you choose to buy your resident card from us the price varies a lot base on the you requirement and status and also whether you will need a Fake or Registered resident card.

If you are going to apply for a resident card the normal way then you will have to be required to pay a tax to the OFII in the amount of €200 upon delivery of the permit. A stamp duty of €25 on residence permits is added to the amount of the tax.

To this administrative cost of €225 is added the cost of the long-stay visa authorising entry into France, namely €99.

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