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Buy Italian Residence permit to stay and work in Italy, The easy way

Buy Italian Residence permit to stay and work in Italy, The easy way

Italian residence permit

An Italian Residence permit is a legal document issued by Italian authorities to people who want to stay for long periods of time or work in Italy.

You can buy an Italian resident permit from us without needing to meet any requirements since we only need your registration information so we can register your resident permit. With us you will get a fully featured Italian drivers license with all security features and a microchip that contain you biometric information.

You can also choose to buy a Fake residence permit that comes with all physical features and quality as the registered one but your information will not be registered in the system.

The difference between a Fake and Registered Italian resident Permit

We offer you the choice of a Fake or a Registered resident permit with each having their own benefits.

When you get a registered resident permit from us, it is produced with all security features present, a chip with your biometric data which is the registered by our associates who work for the Italian Immigration services, this makes the registered resident permit more expensive than the fake resident permit and can be used just as it was issued by the immigration authorities except you don’t have to apply or get rejected.

When you choose to buy the Fake Italian residence permit, your document will be produced with all the necessary physical features but will not be registered so you can not use it in environment where it can be run against the system for your information else you will get caught, however the Fake residence permit is cheaper and useful in some situations like getting a job or a home.

We do not advice our client to buy the fake resident permit since it is registered, and if used wrongly will get them caught.

You can also buy Italian drivers license from us without having to pass any driving training test.

Types of Resident permit in Italy

As per Italian immigration law there are 2 types of resident permit in Italy, The Temporal and the Permanent resident permit.

1. Temporal resident permit

The Temporal resident permit has an expiration date after which you will have to apply for a renewal and does not give the same right as an Italian citizen, however it will give you some benefits such as:

  1. The right to work in Italy
  2. The right to stay in Italy
  3. A clear path to obtaining a permanent residence permit
  4. Freedom of travelling to other EU countries


Apply for temporal resident permit as an EU citizen in Italy

As an EU citizen you only require an EU ID Card document to enter into Italy since Italy is also a member of the EU, you are required to get a residence permit only if you intend to stay in Italy for more than 3 months.

You will have to go through the following steps

  1. Get your Italian fiscal code (Codice Fiscale)
  2. Make an appointment at the local registry
  3. Bring all the originals and translated copies of these documents to your appointment _  EU Passports, registered housing contract, proof of health insurance, proof of employment, declaration of residency (Dichiarazione di Residenza

Apply for temporal resident permit as a non-EU citizen in Italy

As a non-EU citizen with any long stay visa to Italy like Work Visa, Student Visa, Self employment Visa, family reunion visa, Elective Visa or a golden visa you can apply for a temporal resident permit to stay in Italy.

you will need to complete the following steps

Fill out your application Form

  1. Your first stop is at the local police station (Questura). You’ll have to fill in a declaration of residence (dichiarazione di residenza) and your fingerprints are going to be taken
  2. Once you sort out the procedure at the police station, your next stop is one of the local post offices (Patronato), where you’ll complete and submit some additional paperwork. The paperwork referred to as “The Kit”, is a set of documents in Italian that you must fill out in order to get your appointment at the police station

Documents you need to apply for your residence permit

  1. Proof of health insurance from a company authorised to operate in Italy
  2. All the documents you used in your visa application
  3. A valid passport
  4. Four passport-sized photos
  5. Documentation confirming the purpose of your stay (e.g. an employment contract or proof of enrollment)

Note: you do not need all this to buy a residence permit from us

Validity of Temporal residence permit

Purpose of residence permitValidity
Academic1 year
Seasonal work6 to 9 months
Regular employmentUp to 2 years
Family reunification2 years

2. Permanent resident permit

A permanent residence permit in Italy can be applied for after spending 5 years uninterrupted in Italy and gives you the rights of an Italian citizen. Securing your permanent residence in the country means that you’re entitled to:

  1. Freedom to relocate to any other EU member state
  2. Using health care services provided by the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN)
  3. take part in pension schemes

You do not need to stay in Italy for 5 years before buying an Italian residence permit from us.


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