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Buy Swedish biometric passport for all your travels

Buy Swedish biometric passport for all your travels

Fully featured real Swedish biometric passport

If you have been finding difficulty acquiring a Swedish Biometric passport then you are at the right place, where you can buy your Swedish biometric passport without worrying on whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not, as we will provide you with a fully featured Swedish passport regardless.

Your biometric passport will be the same as those issued to Swedish citizens on a successful application process.

We produce 2 types of Passport, the Registered and the Fake Swedish passport.

Buy Real(registered) Swedish biometric passport

The Real or registered biometric passport is the same as those issued after a successful application.

Your passport document will be produced with the latest technology and high quality material, with your biometric information on a microchip, this is important as your passport will be produced to pass all biometric test at airport terminals.

The real biometric passport is more expensive than the fake passport as it requires us to be in contact with our associates in Sweden to make sure your passport is just like those issued by Swedish authorities.

Buy Fake Swedish biometric passport

The Fake passport is produced with the same materials and technology as the real biometric passport however your information will not be stored on your passport as such will fail the the security checks at airports.

We do not advise our clients to buy the fake Passport unless they are sure they will be using it in cases where it can not be scanned for their biometric information.

The fake passport is cheaper than the registered passport since we do not nee the help of our associate in Sweden to produce.

Fully featured real Swedish biometric passport

How to Purchase a Swedish biometric passport

To purchase a Swedish passport from us all you need to do is to contact us, state the type of documents you want and we will provide you with the information we need, your biometric data and how you can get them.

After you must have given us the information required we will produce and deliver you passport within 3 to 5 business days.

our agents will guide you online on every step you need to take. Basically, you provide your information and the money for the purchase of the Swedish Passport. When purchase is confirmed, our agents shall provide a code for you to use and follow up on the progress of your new Swedish Passport.

Cost of A Registered Swedish Passport

Swedish passports that have been registered cost more than counterfeit versions. Additionally, the price of a registered Swedish passport from us changes over time, but you can always be sure to get the best deal. Because the cost of registering a Swedish passport also fluctuates over time, the price of the Swedish passport is not fixed. However, our employees at the passport service decide the registration fee for a Swedish passport, and it varies slightly over time. If you already have a Swedish passport that is about to expire and merely need to renew it, the cost of a Swedish passport is also lower.

Swedish passport as a second passport or for Undocumented immigrants in Europe

Sweden is a country which is welcoming to so many but as an immigrant to take advantage of all the resources and opportunities in Sweden you may need a Swedish residence permit and passport we offer you an opportunity to get these documents without having to go through the time wasting and exhausting process to get your documentation.

The Swedish passport and residence permit when you acquire them will give you the same right as Swedish nationals both in Sweden and when you travel especially within the EU.

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