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Purchase Spanish Biometric passport to travel the world, Easy access.

Purchase Spanish Biometric passport to travel the world, Easy access.

Buy Spanish Passport and the cost of getting a Spanish passport

You can not get a Spanish passport unless you are a Spanish citizen, however when you choose to buy a Spanish biometric passport then there is not citizenship requirements for you to get your passport.

The Spanish biometric passport let’s you travel as a Spanish citizen and also offer you all the benefits of the Spanish citizen when traveling with their passport.

Since Spain is a member of the EU(European Union) you can travel and stay in any EU or EEA member country and Switzerland with your Spanish passport and a Spanish ID Card (you can buy the Spanish ID Card from us).

According to the Passport Index, Spain has a highly regarded passport because it permits entrance to 166 countries without a visa or 186 with a visa on arrival. It provides the advantage of free healthcare within the EU. the freedom to travel throughout any member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or Spain.

We produce both genuine and Fake Spanish passport depending on our clients need and budget.

Buy Genuine Spanish passport

If you choose to buy the Genuine Spanish passport, your document will be produced with the best technologies and high quality materials, with all security features on biometric passport present. your biometric data such as fingerprint, facial recognition data and iris recognition will be stored on your passport.

The genuine biometric Spanish passport will pass all the tests performed on biometric passport at airports and will also pass any physical quality test. however the genuine passport is more expensive than the fake passport.

Buy Fake Spanish passport

The Fake Spanish passport is produced to meet all the physical qualities of the the genuine Spanish passports, however your passport will not contain your biometric information stored on your passport.

When the Fake passport is checked for it’s physical test it will always pass, but when scanned for your biometric data it will not pass.

We advice you use the Fake passport in areas where it can get scanned for your biometric data.

the Fake passport is less expensive than the genuine passport.

Purchase a fully featured Spanish biometric passport

Types of Spanish Passport

Currently, there are four categories of Spanish passports:

  • Ordinary Passport(Pasaporte ordinario): This is a typical biometric passport given to people for everyday travel.
  • collective Passport  (Pasaporte colectivo): This is a restricted travel document that often only has a three-month validity. If there is a reciprocal agreement with the country of destination, such as for pilgrimages, for example
  • Diplomatic Passport (Pasaporte Diplomatico): Government personnel and diplomats are given this type of passport.
  • Passports for Official and Servants (Pasaporte oficiales y de servicio) For representatives of the Spanish government traveling on official business, this type of passport is granted.
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