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Buy a Second passport to get a dual Citizenship with no qualification.

Buy a Second passport to get a dual Citizenship with no qualification.

Buy Passport to get yourself a dual Citizenship

Citizenship of other countries is what many people desire because of the benefits a more powerful country can offer especially when traveling internationally.

When you buy a Passport of another more powerful country essentially you are getting a dual Citizenship, keep in mind that some countries can revoke your citizenship if you become a citizen of another country, But when you get your citizenship status from us your status will remain anonymous to other countries you may be citizens of preventing you from losing your citizenship status while also having the benefits of a citizen of a more stronger country with a passport that gives you access to so many visa free countries to travel to.

Ways in which you can became a citizen in another country

Becoming a citizen of another country and having a dual citizenship and a second passport could be beneficial in so many ways, here are ways in which people acquire Citizenship:

  1. Citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis).
  2. Citizenship by birth on the country’s territory (jus soli)
  3. Citizenship by marriage (jus matrimonii)
  4. Citizenship by naturalization.
  5. Citizenship by adoption
  6. Citizenship by investment
  7. Citizenship by holding an office (jus officii). In the case of Vatican City
  8. Some countries grant citizenship based on ethnicity and on religion: such as Israel
To go through the process of acquiring countries Citizenship is a process that is often complicated and usually takes years to complete, By buying a second passport from us you accomplish the purposes of having dual citizenship without having to go through the process.
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Advantage of a second Citizenship and passport

A second citizenship can give advantages that bipatrides with dual citizenship do not have. For example, travel without a visa to the Schengen countries, the UK and the USA, or choose one of the EU countries for life.

Cosmopolitans receive a second citizenship in order to:

  • travel freely around the world;
  • to work abroad;
  • have a “plan B” in case of instability in the country of residence;
  • provide children with quality education and the opportunity to get a job in another country;
  • enjoy social guarantees in both countries;
  • open accounts and business abroad;
  • optimize taxes.
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