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Buy a Fully featured Polish biometric passports

Buy a Fully featured Polish biometric passports

buy Polish passport as a second passport

You can buy a Polish biometric passport to travel internationally and also travel freely, stay within the EU for an extended period of time, Your Polish biometric passport also certifies your Polish citizenship.

You do not have to be a Polish citizen to buy a Polish passport from us, and we need just your passport information and fingerprints to produce and register you biometric passport.

We produce 2 types of Polish passports for our clients, the Genuine and the fake Polish passports.

Buy Genuine Polish biometric passport

When you buy the Genuine Polish passport from us, your passport document will be produced with the best technology and materials to make sure your passport meet all the quality and security features on the Polish biometric passport.

A passport that is issued to a person under the age of 12 has a validity period of five years, and one that is issued to a person beyond the age of twelve has a validity period of ten years.

The passport has a microchip with biometric information, including fingerprints and a facial image.

The genuine passport is more expensive than the fake passport.

Buy Fake Polish biometric passport

For people who prefer to purchase fake passports, we also produce fake Polish passports. These documents are produced to have exactly the same physical characteristics as real passports, but they do not have a microchip that stores biometric information.

Your false passport cannot be identified as a fake when viewed with the unaided eye due to the document’s quality and physical security features, but it can be identified as such when it is scanned for your biometric data.

If you decide to utilize the false passport, we advise against doing so in locations where it will be scanned.

The false biometric pass may be helpful in the following situations:

  • crossing the border in an area without scanners
  • use a fake passport as an ID card to identify yourself when seeking for a job
buy Polish passport as a second passport

How to buy Polish Passport

All you have to do to purchase a Belgian biometric passport from us is get in touch with us, let us know whether you want a real passport or a fake one, and we’ll offer you price information as well as a list of the details you need to supply and instructions on how to do so.

Your document will be ready in 3 to 4 working days after you provide us with all the necessary information.

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