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Buy Registered Russian drivers license to drive in Russia

Buy Registered Russian drivers license to drive in Russia

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Buy fully featured registered or fake Russian drivers license,  no need to pass a driving theory or practical exams.

So long as you can drive then the easiest and most reliable way to get a drivers license is to buy one, our service will provide you with a drivers license within 3 to 5 business days after your purchase.

It is often difficult for people to get drivers license in Russia this is especially so for foreigners who will need to get a resident permit before they can then start going through the normal drivers license process like enrolling to a driving course and applying for the theory and practical exams before being issued a drivers license (30% of people failed the driving license test in 2017), We make it possible for you to skip all these time consuming process to get your Russian drivers license within only a few days.

We produce 2 types of drivers license, The registered and the fake drivers license.

Buy Registered (real) Russian drivers license.

When you choose to buy a registered Russian drivers license from us, we will produce your drivers license with all the necessary features on the Russian drivers license, including security features such as holograms, optical ink, exact patterns in details. Your drivers license will also be registered on the national database for drivers license, Produced with the latest technologies and high quality materials.

All the features above makes your Russian drivers license the same as those issued to you after you complete the Russian driving theory and practical exams.

Since we need the help of our associates in the Russian road traffic and some driving schools, the registered driving license is more expensive than the Fake drivers license.

Buy Fake Russian drivers license.

The fake driving license is produced with all the physical quality and security features just as in the registered driving license, however it will not be registered on the system which makes it cheaper than the fake driving license.

The fake driving license can not be detected as fake when checking for the physical security features since it is produced to meet all theses features but when your information will be checked on the system database, it will return no information.

We advise our client who want to use the driving license in areas where it can be checked on the system to buy the registered drivers license instead.

The fake Russian driving license has it’s own use cases like applying for a job, buying in shops and more.

Buy fake Russian drivers license

How to get a drivers license in Russia

To get a drivers license in Russia first you need to be of the minimum age or above in the driving category you are applying for. 18 years (for a car) or 16 years (for a motorcycle).

Before you apply for the theory or practical examination you will have to go through several training courses to prepare for the exams.

Driving lessons and driving test in Russia

If you are required to pass a practical Russian driving test, your first step to getting a Russian driving license is to register for driving lessons. You must practice driving for a set amount of hours (usually 50 hours), between a period of two to six months.

Courses vary in length and cost, but it’s important to pick a provider that is registered with your local GIBDD. Many Russian driving schools offer packages to study for both the theoretical and practical Russian driving tests.

You will need to complete two sections to pass your Russian driving exam: on a test track, usually taken at or near your driving school, as well as on public roads. The examiner may use trick questions or instructions, so you will need to know the correct place to drive or park.

The Russian driving test is stricter now. Previously, there were three exercises; now, drivers must complete five exercises (or six in a circuit or test track).

Some examples of exercises include:

  • Reverse entry into a parking space
  • Parallel parking
  • Turn in confined spaces
  • Turn 90 degrees
  • Drive through crossroads

If you pass, with your certificate you can proceed to book the final part of the test, the theoretical exam.

The theoretical Russian driving exam

The theoretical Russian driving test consists of 20 multiple choice questions about traffic rules in Russia, and the requirements to pass were made stricter in 2017. You can make two mistakes, after which an additional five questions will be added. All five additional questions must be correct, otherwise it will result in a fail.

Book an appointment online or by visiting your local traffic police unit. 

You’ll receive an appointed time to take the Russian driving test, and directions on how to pay the necessary fees in advance.

After passing the theoretical exam, you receive your Russian driving license that day. The whole testing process and receiving your license is typically an hour.

Required documents to apply for a driving license in Russian

When applying for a Russian driver’s license, the following documents are necessary:

  • A completed application form
  • Your passport
  • Proof of passing a driving course
  • A valid Russian residence permit
  • A medical certificate from your doctor saying you are fit to drive
  • A color photograph
  • Your original foreign driving license
  • A photocopy of your driving license with a notarized translation.
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