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Buy New Jersey driver’s license/ID, easy, No need to meet the requirements

Buy New Jersey driver’s license/ID, easy, No need to meet the requirements

Buy driver's license in New Jersey

Buying a driver’s license in New Jersey is one way of getting around the complicated process of getting a driver’s license in New Jersey.

When you choose to buy a driver’s license, you get the chance to skip the processes such such as passing and getting the examination license, the the same to get the probation driver’s license before you can get the basic driver’s license.

It is very easy to buy your driver’s license from us as all we need are your information which we will use in registering your license to the MOTOR VEHICLE COMMISSION (MVC) database.

We also produce fake New Jersey driver’s license which is less expensive but limited when compared to the real or registered driver’s license we produce.

Buy registered driver's license in New Jersey

All registered driver’s license will be produced to meet all security features and standards of New Jersey driver’s license and are the same as those issued after a successful completion of the driving license program with a digital copy stored on the MVC database to make sure that your information is seen when checked during a traffic stop.

We produce the registered driver’s license with the latest technologies and high quality material prioritizing all security features, the with the help of our associates in a few driving schools and MVC in New Jersey we are able to store a digital copy of your license into the system before delivering it to you, this makes the registered driver’s license more expensive than the fake driver’s license.

We deliver your document to your location within 3 to 5 business days after you must have provided us with all the necessary information needed to produce and register your driver’s license.

Buy fake driver's license in New Jersey

When it comes to the fake driver’s license, it is produced to meet all physical security features and quality such that when checked with the naked eye it appears the same as those issued when you complete the driver’s license program, however it will not be registered into the database as such will be detected as fake when checked using using machines during a police stop, this makes the fake license less expensive to get.

As such we do not advise you buy the fake driver’s license if you are going to be using it in areas where it can be checked on the systems.

Driving in New Jersey and driver's license

How to get driver's license in New Jersey

If you choose to get your driver’s license through the normal process with the MVC the you will need to complete the following step:

1. Prepare for the Knowledge test to get the learner's (Examination) Permit

The first step is to prepare for the written exam and organize your paperwork by deciding which documents you can use to prove the six points of identification required by the MVC.

2. apply for an Examination license

Print your application form, then make an appointment to get your permit.

Bring your signed application form, 6 points of ID

3. Pass the knowledge test

Study and pass the knowledge test to get your examination permit, to do so:

  • Make an appointment for the knowledge test.
  • Bring your permit and a photo ID or your primary ID to your appointment. 
  • Pass the knowledge test and obtain a learner’s permit. 
  • Pass the vision test
    • If you wear glasses/contacts, bring them. If you pass the vision test with them, you must drive with them.
  • Now you can practice supervised driving to prepare for the road test and obtain a probationary license.

4. Practice Supervised Driving

Your examination license let’s you practice driving under supervision.

  • You must be accompanied in the front seat by an adult supervising driver who is at least 21 years of age, and who possesses a valid New Jersey driver’s license, and has a minimum of three years driving experience.
  • IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21, you must use license plate decals.
  • You cannot use cell phones, handheld video games or any other interactive, wireless device, whether it is “hands-free” or not.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.

5. Pass the road test to get your probational driver's license

Pass the road test and get a probational driver’s license with some restrictions.

  • Schedule your road test at least 3 months after passing the knowledge test
  • For the road test, you will need:
    • To bring your permit and the same 6 points of ID you used to obtain the permit.
    • An accompanying NJ driver over the age of 21 and with at least three years of driving experience
    • IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21, bring license plate decals.
    • If you pass, the examiner will endorse your permit. If you fail, you must wait at least 14 days before retaking the test.

AFTER you pass the road test, you can get a probationary license

6. Practice unsupervised driving for one year to get your Basic Driver's License

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