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Buy fully featured Italian biometric passport for the best travels

Buy fully featured Italian biometric passport for the best travels

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Buy a Fully featured Italian Biometric passport to travel as an Italian citizen.

The Italian biometric Passport is 2 on the Passport power rank, with 123 Visa free country you can visit, 44 visa on arrival countries the Italian Passports has a reach of over 85% of the world the Italian Passport is good for those who want to ease their travel requirements.

We produce 2 types of Italian passports, the Fully featured, genuine Italian passport and the Fake Italian Passport.

Buy a fully featured, Genuine Italian passport.

When you buy the genuine Italian passport, your passport documents will be produced to meet all the necessary requirements and security features, produced with the latest document technology and outsourcing very high quality document materials around the world and with all security features present.

Your passports will contain a electronic microprocessor chip which contains your biometric information that can be used to authenticate your identity.

your passport will be able to use the Public key infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate your data stored electronically in the passport chip.

All we will require from you are the necessary biometric information to produce your document so it can pass all the standard biometrics used for this type of identification system such as  facial recognitionfingerprint recognition, and iris recognition.

All these features makes the genuine Italian passport more expensive than the Fake Italian biometric passport.

You passport will be able to pass any test including a machine scan.

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Buy a Fake Italian passport.

The Fake Italian passport is produced using the same processes, technology as the genuine Passport, so essentially it’s physical quality is the same as the genuine passport, however your biometric data will no be stored on the microchip which means when checked with the naked eye it will pass but when scanned especially by a automated airport systems it will fail and be detected as a fake.

We advice you use the Fake biometric passport in areas where it cannot be scanned using biometric readable machines.

Why people buy Italian biometric passport from us.

There are so many reasons people choose to buy Italian passport from us, regardless of your reasons we will produce your documents.

Here are a few reasons people buy Passports from us:

  • Not an Italian citizen but want to travel as an Italian Citizen.
  • Want to have unrestricted access to the 123 Visa free countries and the 44 visa on arrival countries the Italian Passport provides.
  • Want to have a second passports for traveling to specific countries.
  • Want to change your Identity.

How to buy an Italian passport

To buy your Italian passport all you will need to do is to contact us, state what you want and whether you want the genuine or the fake Passport, the we will provide you with the price and the information required to produce your Passport and how you can get them.

After providing us with all your information and biometric data (in case you want to buy the genuine Passport), the you will have to wait for a period of 3 to 5 business days for your Passport.

We also provide express passport service in which you can get your passport within 2 business days, but you will have to pay extra for that.

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