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Full Illinois driver’s license without a driving exam

Full Illinois driver’s license without a driving exam

Buy Full Illinois driver's license

If you want to escape this reality, purchasing a driver’s license from us may be your only option. Obtaining a driver’s license in Illinois can be difficult, especially for immigrants and first-time applicants who must go through a protracted and difficult process.

When you opt to get a driver’s license from us, you won’t have to worry about the stringent standards or passing the driving license course, which can take years to complete for immigrants and first-time applicants in Illinois.

We produce both Registered(real/ original) and Fake driver’s license for our clients who want driver’s license in Illinois depending on their budget and need for driver’s license.

Buy Registered(real or original) driver's license in Illinois

The registered Illinois driver’s license is created using high-quality materials and technologies, microprinting, and all necessary physical and security elements to ensure that it is identical to those issued once the driving license application procedure has been successfully completed. Your driver’s license must also be listed in the Illinois Secretary of state database in order for a database search to be successful.

Because we collaborate with a few driving schools and the Secretary of State’s associates to register your driver’s license in their database, the registered driving license is more expensive than a fake one.

Buy Fake driver's license in Illinois

If you decide to purchase a fake driver’s license, it will be produced with all the physical features and physical security features present in all licenses issued by the Secretary of State, but your information won’t be stored on the Secretary of State database, so while it will pass any physical checks, it won’t work when your information is checked in the system during a stop.

It is less expensive than a registered driver’s license because your driver’s license information is not digitally registered into the system.

We advise against purchasing a phony driver’s license unless you intend to use it solely for identification or in a distant location where the system won’t check them.

Illinois drivers license online

How to get a driver's license and ID Card in Illinois

To obtain an Illinois driver’s license, you must first gather the necessary paperwork and pass the driving, writing, and visual exams.

  1. Submit a driver license application with required documentation 
  2. Schedule an appointment at a driver license office 
  3. Pay the driver license application fee 
  4. Provide thumbprints for a criminal background check 
  5. Get their photo taken 
  6. Pass a vision exam 
  7. Complete and pass knowledge and driving tests from the state or certified third-party provider 

When you complete the Knowledge test you will be able to drive under supervision of an eligible adult.

When you turn 16 and has been in possession of your learners permit for six months you will be able to get provisional driver’s license.

Requirements to get a driver's license and ID Card in Illinois

In order to obtain a driver’s license, you must:

  • Evidence of citizenship or authorized presence in the United States.
  • Evidence that you live in Illinois 
  • the social security card with social security number
  • Vehicle registration in Illinois 
  • evidence of auto insurance
You do not need to meet all these requirements to buy your driver’s license from us

Driver's license renewal and suspensions in Illinois

If you are finding it difficult to get your  Illinois driver’s license renewed, the you can use our driver’s license service to accomplish that.

We also help with issues of your suspended driver’s license.

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