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Buy Boating license (Segelscheine) for sailing in Germany

Buy Boating license (Segelscheine) for sailing in Germany

Buy German boat license

Most of the time people wanting to go sailing with their boats or rentals would want to get a boat/sailing license (Segelscheine) fast and with minimal effort, if you are one of those people, you can buy a boat license from us without the need to meet or complete any requirements. We will produce and finalize your license in just 1 to 2 business days.

A sailing license (Segelschein) is required for larger vessels but generally not obligatory when renting smaller “leisure craft” for use on lakes and rivers (this varies depending on the federal state and rental company).

Official permits and licenses are issued by the German Sailing Association (Deutsche Segler Verband, DSV), so when you buy your license from us we will make sure it is registered and with the German Sailing Association.

A boating license of some kind is typically necessary for vessels with engines greater than 5 horsepower. Additionally, having a license is necessary for insurance reasons. Only if the skipper possesses the required boating license will insurance companies pay for damage claims.

money isn’t everything, because the hassle involved in getting a boat license can be quite time-consuming. Among other things, you must present a medical certificate, a pyro license and a radio license and obtain certain equipment such as a navigation set. Expect 25 to 30 hours plus practicing at sea and learning from home. 

But you can save yourself that too and buy your boat license without an exam This is particularly advantageous when things have to be done quickly and you need your driver’s license for your upcoming vacation.

Do you need a boating license?

You should be aware that many boats in Germany can be driven without a license, to start. The rule is that motorboats with an engine of less than 15 hp (11.03 KW) do not require a boating license to operate.

  • The boat is no longer than 20 meters
  • Skipper is at least 16 years old and of sound body mind, and soul (gesunder Körper, Geist und Seele)
  • Legal drinking limit of .05% (same as with cars, and violation of this with alcohol or other drugs can result in losing your boat and driving license).

To get an Inland sport boating pilot’s licence (Sportbootführerschein SBF Binnen), you need to pass a written exam (Sportbootführerschein Binnen) as well as a practical (Motorbootführerschein praktische Prüfungen). The written exam is only 30 multiple choice questions, but is taken from around 300 questions that can be asked. 

Buy international certificate of competence for sailing across the worlds oceans

Types of Boat license in Germany

You can buy any of these types of boating license from us:

  1. Inland sport boating pilot’s licence (Sportbootführerschein SBF Binnen): This license is valid for vessels with a motor output of up to 3.68 Kw travelling on inland waterways.

  2. Maritime sport boating pilot’s licence (Sportbootführerschein SBF See): This license is valid for vessels with a motor output of up to 3.68 Kw travelling on maritime waters
  3. Coastal sport shipping license (Sportküstenschifferschein): May only be applied for following completion of the SBF and allows boating up to 12 sea miles from the coast
  4. Maritime sport shipping license (Sportseeschifferschein): May only be applied for following completion of the SBF; allows boating up to 30 sea miles from the coast
  5. High seas sport shipping license (Sporthochseeschifferschein): Can only be applied for following completion of Sportseeschifferschein; allows the holder to sail anywhere in the world


Buy Inland sport boating pilot's license (SBF Binnen, Sportbootführerschein Binnen)

Just as with other license you can buy the Inland sport boating pilot’s license from us without the need to complete the license theory or practical course.

If you choose to go the normal way by going through the courses then here are the requirement to get this type of license:

  • sailed from the age of 14
  • sailed with a motor from the age of 16
  • a medical certificate for a sport boating licence application

There are also theoretical and practical exams. The theory part of the exam tests:

  • Knowledge of inland waterway laws
  • Seamanship
  • Control of the vessel
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