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Buy Registered Finnish driver’s license With all security features.

Buy Registered Finnish driver’s license With all security features.

Buy Finnish driver's license

Buying your Finnish driving license is the easiest way to get a drivers license in Finland as long as you can drive then you do not need to go through the long process of getting into a driving School, do medical test for eligibility and then apply for the Finnish driving test which you might fail and consequently not get your driver’s license.

When choosing whether to buy your Finnish drivers license or go through the driving courses and application process you nee to evaluate your risk, those who don’t know hoe to drive ye will need to learn through a driving school or with the help of an instructor and if they still find it difficult to get a driver’s license the you can buy your driving license from us.

If you choose to buy your drivers license then you will not need to go through any course or apply for the Finnish driving test, all you need to do is to provide us with the information we need to produce and register your driving license.

As Finland is part you will be able to drive in any EU or EEA member country without having to get an international driving permit.

We produce 2 types of drivers license for our clients in Finland, the Registered(real) and the Fake driver’s license.

Buy Registered Finnish driver's license

your Registered Finish driver’s license will be produced with high quality materials, holograms, variable ink and other security features on the Finnish driver’s license to make sure it meets all physical standards for Finish driver’s license, and then registered to the nation database for driver’s license with the help of our associates with the road traffic agencies and some Finnish driving Schools, all these features will your registered driver’s license more expensive than the Fake driver’s license.

The registered Finnish driver’s license will be exactly the same as those issued to you after the completion of the Finish driving license test.

Buy Fake Finnish driver's license

If you choose to buy the Fake driver’s license, your document will be produced with all the physical features, security features and high quality material like those in the registered driver’s license, however your drivers license will not be registered into the national database and when checked on the database for your information by traffic authorities it will return no information, however the fake drivers license is less expensive than the registered driver’s license.

The fake driver’s license can be very useful in every situation where you are confident it will not be checked on the database such as when driving in remote areas, buying in shops and bars or clubs.

Driving License Groups

You can buy any driving license category from us.

Group 1: AM120, AM121, T, A1, A2, A, B, BE

Group 2: C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE

How to get a driver's license in Finland

There are 2 ways we recommend you get a drivers license in Finland.

  1. Buy a driver’s license, especially for those who can drive and don’t want to go through the driving license process again.
  2. Register for a driving school and then apply for the Finish driving license test, especially for those who don’t yet know how to drive yet.

Before getting a Finnish driver’s license you will need to go through the following process.

  1. reach the minimum age for the driving license category you want
  2. Get a medical test that proves you are eligible to drive.
  3. Apply for a driving Permit that allows you to go for a driving training course
  4. enroll into a driving School
  5. complete the minimum amount of training required.
  6. Apply for the driving licnes test
Buy Finnish drivers license

Finnish Driving license Age Requirement

You need to have the following age if you plan to apply for your driving license:

Moped and Tractors15
Motorcycles with max. 125cc16
Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks (A2)18
Motorcycles (A-class)24

You can upgrade your A2 license to an A-class if you have an A2 license for more than two years. 

Revoked or Suspended driver's license in Finland

We can help you recover your revoke or suspended Finnish driver’s license by erasing your traffic violations on the database with the help of our connections with the authorities in Finland and then producing and registering a new one which we will the ship to your location.

Exchange your driver's license in Finland

If you are from a foreign country then you can exchange your national driver’s license for a Finnish driver’s license, however you will need to meet certain requirements in order to get a Finnish driving license.

  • You are living permanently in Finland. If you are a student, you can show your study permit/visa that proves you live in Finland for at least six months. 

  • You have been driving in Finland for at least six months. You can prove this in a few different ways: 1. through some documents, 2. Two witnesses write a report.

  • Your driving license must be in Finnish, Swedish, or English. Else you need to submit a translated version of your driving license that is understood by police

Exchange your EU or EEA driver's license in Finland

If you are form the EU then there is no need trying to exchange your drivers license for a Finish driver’s license, this is so because Finland is part of the EU and other EU member state driver’s license are legal in Finland, unless you want to change your residency to Finland.

If you choose to exchange your EU driver’s license for a Finnish one then the process will be a straight forward one.

You should visit an Ajovarma office (External link)to exchange your driving licence. Take the following with you:

  • Your driving licence issued in an EU or EEA country or, if you do not have the driving licence a driving licence extract from the country that issued your driving licence.
  • Your passport or other official ID
  • Two passport pictures (However, if you have a valid Finnish passport or identity card, you do not need new passport pictures for a driving licence).

You may also need:

  • a medical certificate (valid for 6 months), if the EU or EEA licence you are exchanging has expired or you want to upgrade your driving licence from Group 1 to Group 2 at the same time,
  • a study certificate, if you have been studying in Finland for at least 6 months, but you are not living permanently in Finland

Exchange your non-EU driver's license in Finland

If you already know how to drive then you can buy your Finnish drivers license instead especially if your country is not [art of the EU or is not a signatory of the Geneva or Vienna Road Traffic Convention.

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