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Buy registered Czech Driver’s License, No driving exams required.

Buy registered Czech Driver’s License, No driving exams required.

Buy a Fully featured and registered Czech driving license

Buy a fully featured Czech drivers license without the requirements to pass a driving training course or any medical exams as long as you can drive then you can buy a Czech driver license from us.

We produce fully featured drivers license for our client in Czechia who already know how to drive and do not want to go through the  driving license process again, We also take care of revoked and suspended drivers license.

Since Czechia is part of the EU you will be able to use your Czech drivers license in other EU and EEA member countries.

We produce 2 types of drivers license for our clients in Czechia, the Registered and the Fake drivers license.

Buy Registered driver's license in Czechia

When you choose to buy the registered Czech driver’s license, your drivers license will be produced to meet all the features present on all Czech drivers license using the latest technology, high quality materials, all security features and above all your Czech driver’s license will be registered on to the Czech national database for drivers license with the help of our associates who work at the Czech road traffic agencies and also with the help of a few driving schools that we are connected to, All this makes the registered driver’s license more expensive the the Fake driving license.

Since the registered drivers license are the same a the drivers license issued after a successful completion of the driving training, you do not have to worry when using your Czech driver’s license as they can never be detected. 

Buy Fake driver's license in Czechia

If you decide to buy the fake drivers license instead your drivers license will  be produced to be physically the same as the registered drivers license, with all physical security feature present, however your drivers license will  not be registered on the national database system so when run against the system for your information nothing will show up.

We do not advise our clients to buy the fake drivers license as it could be detected when checked on the system and hence not as effective as the registered drivers license, even though it can not be detected as fake when checking the physical security features as they will be present. However your fake drivers license could be useful in certain scenarios such as exchanging in a foreign country, buying from bars and shops and more.

How to get a driver's license in the Czech Republic

Driving without a valid license can cause multiple problems. Not only are drivers without a Czech license subject to stiff fines from the police, but insurance claims might not be honored after an accident

Before you are issued a drivers license in Czechia you will need to complete the Czech driving test Which includes the theory and practical exams and also you need to be a resident of Czech Republic.

While in some countries, would-be drivers can learn on their own and simply make an appointment to take a driving test, this is not the case in the Czech Republic as you will have to enroll in a driving school, every driver must take the classes no matter what their skill level and experience.

Buy Category B driver's license in the Czech republic

The most used driver’s license in the Czech republic is the Category B which you can buy from us with no need to complete a driving training course and tests.

The holder of this license can operate a vehicle of up to 3.5 tons and transport a maximum of 8 people, including the driver; a trailer weighing up to 750 kg can be attached, but the total weight must not exceed 3,500 kg; vehicles from group A1 (smaller motorbikes) with automatic transmission can also be operated.

Enroll in driving Schools in Czechia

Applicants need several units of driving instruction with an instructor from an accredited driving school. This includes both in-class preparation for the written exam and for a practical driving test. Driving school courses typically run for 6-8 weeks.

After completing the course, a written and practical test must be passed before you can obtain your Czech license.

Buy a registered Czech driving license

Exchanging a driver's license in the Czech republic

Foreigners in the Czech Republic have the options to obtain a Czech driving license  by exchanging the driver’s license from their home country for a Czech driver’s license.

Exchanging EU driver's license in the Czech republic

Holder of an EU driver’s license, are eligible to Exchange it for driving in the Czech Republic or any other EU country.
The reason is simple: the exchange of an EU driver’s license to a Czech one is voluntary and not obligatory. If you hold a driving license which can be legally used for driving in Czechia, there is no need to exchange at all.
Yet, if you insist on exchanging your valid / expired EU driver’s license, you will need to prove 6 months of Czech fiscal residency. This is a mandatory provision of the application.

Exchanging non-EU driver's license in the Czech republic

If you have a driving license from a country which doesn’t issue EU-standard driving licenses, you will have to pass driving school in the Czech Republic.
Should you have a driving license from a country which does issue an EU standard driving license, you are obliged to exchange it to the Czech one within 90 days of the start of your official stay in the Czech Republic
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