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Buy the perfect registered boat license for sailing the seas and rivers.

When you want to go sail on seas or inland waterways you will need the boat license and other documents permitting you to sail on certain waterways and seas, we provide you a legal boat license for your sailing requirements in countries like Ireland, UK, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Croatia, USA, Norway,  Sweden, Greece, Italy and Poland.

With our networking and connections to personnel from water authorities of most of these countries we will be able to get your boat, yacht registered and also offer you a boat license with the radio operator license as well.

Buy German pleasure craft license

Do I need a boat license to rent a boat?

No ! you do not always need the boat license to rent a boat or any water vehicles depending on the country you want the boat from and their regulations, the size of the vehicle, the speed of the vehicle you intend to ride and whether or not he vehicle come with a license operator.

For example in the  Netherlands you do not require a license for boats that can sail less than 20 kilometres (~ 12 miles) per hour and/or boats that are Smaller than 15 metres (~ 50 feet), however you also need to sail you waterways where there is no requirements for a license.

Why buy your sailing license from us?

Buy Marine license for Australia and other countries

In most countries you will be required a certain amount of sailing time to be allowed to venture into certain rivers, this is often not advantageous to people who just want to go on small vacations and rent a boat to set sail since they don’t just have to practice but have to meet all the necessary requirements just for that one time experience of sailing and it doesn’t help when you can only sail certain waterways, at this point almost every waterway has a different license issued by a different authority to sail. We will help you avoid all these unnecessary troubles by producing and registering your boat or sailing license in most European countries, USA and Australia.

How much does a boat license cost?

The cost of boat license is different in every country and also depends on the waterways you intend to use since there are different license required for different waterways or seas.

If you want to go through the training or course it will cost you about 500 to 1000 euros, however if you want a license without having to go through the courses or meeting all requirements it will cost you between 800 to 2000 euros.

Our services are always here for you, with our services you will get easy access to most countries license.

boat license training test on the sea

Requirement to buy a boat license

If you want to buy a boat license from us then you do not need to meet any requirements or complete any course or exams to buy a license from us as long as you are able to sail the boat category you want a license for.

All we need from you are your information which we need to produce and register your license.

How to buy a boat license

To buy a sailing license from us all you need to do is to contact us, then we will provide you with the price of your license, the information we need to produce your license, and how you can get all the information the right, upon you giving us your information we will produce your license and deliver it to you within 2 to 3 working days.

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