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Buy Portuguese Sailing/ boat license, No exams required

Buy Portuguese Sailing/ boat license, No exams required

Buy Portuguese boat or sailing license

Buy Portuguese boat license without being required to pass the training test, this is important especially if you desire to get a boat license for your sailing requirements in a short notice as we deliver within 1 to 2 business days after you have provided us with your information which is used to produce and register you permit.

Given that it is easier to grow your boating or sailing skills while in the water it is usually preferable by many who want to sail crafts that require a license to just buy one instead of spending time and money going through the training course and eventually need to pass both the theory and the practical exams in order to get your Portuguese boat license.

Your sailing license will be registered with the National Maritime Authority (Autoridade Marítima Nacional)  which makes it the same as those issued to people after a successful completion of both the practical and theory exams.

recreational license in Portugal

Types of sailing or boat license you can get in Portugal

There are several types of license issued by the National Maritime Authority (Autoridade Marítima Nacional) each with it’s own usecases:

  1. learner’s license : allows the holder to sail while under instruction
  2. provisional license (Carta Provisória) : is valid for 90 days after qualification until receipt of a full license in any given category
  3. full license : permits the holder to sail vessels of the named categories
  4. Sports License (Licença Desportiva) : is required by the skipper and crew to participate in races and competitions (Provas) nationally and internationally

The license must be renewed when the bearer reaches 50 and then 60 years of age. Thereafter the bearer must renew the license every five years

Requirements to apply for a skipper license in Portugal

In order to apply for any kind of license (either learners, provisional or full) the school will need to have the details of the :

  • passport or Identity Card
  • a signed doctor’s certificate (Atestado Medico)
  • two colour passport sized photographs.
  • medical certificate (Atestado Medico)

Full accident and injury insurance (Seguro de Acidentes Pessoais e de Responsabilidade Civil)

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