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Buy your French Pleasure boat license (Permis Plaisance).

Buy your French Pleasure boat license (Permis Plaisance).

Boat license (Permis Plaisance) in France coastal and inland waterway's

Buy French boat license (Permis Plaisance) to start sailing the French inland and coastal waterway’s, We produce all types of boat license for French waters depending on the type of boats and waterway’s you want to sail on. We can also provide you with an international certificate of competence, which you can use when you travel. We produce and register your boat license (Permis Plaisance) with the relevant agencies such as Permis bateau de plaisance option côtière.

you do not need to complete the boat course or exams in order to buy a boating license from us.

Most of the times people want to get their pleasure boat license fast and easy without the complicated process of getting one through the normal process, since most of the time it is easy to use motorboat, in these cases we are your best option since we provide you with the full registered pleasure boat license and other license in just 1 to 2 days and you do not need to prove you have completed the exams.

Do you need a boat license?

Before you think of getting a boat license in France you will need to know to things the type, capacity of your boat or the waterways you will be using.

In French waters, a boat license is only necessary to be able to operate a boat when the power of the motor or motors exceeds 4.5 kilowatts or 6 horsepower.

French boat license Categories

There are three primary license issued to those who want to sail French waterways:

  • La Carte Mer: for a boat with a motor from 6CV to 50CV. A permit for daytime sailing within a 9 Km range of the coast, awarded after taking a theory course and practical lessons, and passing a test
  • Le Permis Mer Côtier: for boats with motors 50CV and up. The permit allows night sailing, but within a limited range from the coast, and is awarded after a course and test
  • Le Permis Mer Hauturier: This is gained through a full boating course at a boat school, and licenses one for all forms of boating

We produce all these license and permits for you without requiring you to pass any test.

Boat in the seas with license skipper

Pleasure boat license (Permis Plaisance)

The Permis Plaisance is available for four different purposes. There are 4 Permis the Plaisance on for sea and one for inland waterway’s each of which can be extended to increase the range. Candidates must be at least 16 years old and present a medical certificate to the testing location.

  1. Côtière: sea license – sailing within 6 miles of shelter (dock or safe anchorage appropriate to the craft), you need to pass a theory and practical test.
  2. Eaux Intérieures: Inland water – boats up to 20 metres, you need to pass a theory and practical test.
  3. Hauturière (deep sea): Sea waters – no distance limit, you will need to pass a 1 hour 30 minutes theory exams.
  4. Grande Plaisance Fluviale: inland waters – no length restrictions, you will have to complete a 9 hours training course.

Foreign boat license in France

Foreigners may operate a French-registered vessel of the size specified in the permit if they have a boat permit from their native country or another EU member state. A French translation of the information on the permit must be given in the event of a control. Foreign boat permits held by French nationals must be exchanged for their equivalent French permits.

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